In the world of today the need for a means of Communication is paramount, it is the key to our future Growth and Development of our Craft. The purpose is to disseminate Information in a timely manner. As a fledgling District this is even more important and with our Lodges building new websites we need to get as much information to our members and to the public in general as possible.  

There are many tools for the distribution of information already in place. I have listed most of them below. As a Lodge secretary never forget the Brothers who do not use computers, they would enjoy receiving up dates via snail mail or even a phone call. We also have Brothers living out of state and they too would like updates.

If you are looking for information about Freemasonry on a State level use the Grand Lodge web site and contacts. If you are looking for information regarding Freemasonry in Genesee, Wyoming or Livingston Counties of New York State, visit The Letchworth District web site. At this site, you will find a list of all our Lodges and a contact person for each Lodge and much more.

GRAND LODGE WEBSITE –                        

HIRAM’S HIGHLIGHTS –                              

ATHOLL1781 –                                                

GRAND LODGE FACE BOOK –                   




LETCHWORTH DISTRICT FACE BOOK-            a work in progress

LETCHWORTH DISTRICT COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE – R \W \ Ken Kohlhagen and R \W \ John Gallant receives trestle boards from all Lodges and Concordant Bodies and creates weekly schedule and sends emails to key individuals (secretaries of Lodges) who in turn relays the same messages to their Lodge Members.

LETCHWORTH DISTRICT LODGE WEB SITES – Each Lodge has a web site and they assign a web master to create and manage their site. Some are active and some are a work in progress.

LETCHWORTH MASONIC DISTRICT DIRECTORY – is an annual publication used by  the bodies of our District. This information is provided by our Lodges and Concordant Bodies and is combined into book form and distributed far and wide. A great tool for a source of contact information within the District. If you would like a Directory send me an email with snail mail included. I can be reached at 585-237-3369 also.