District Leaders


Historically a Masonic District in New York State has one District Deputy Grand Master, one Staff Officer and one Assistant Grand Lecture. Each Brother in these positions have distinct and separate responsibilities. Collectively they provide the leadership and cohesion necessary to facilitate a contact with Grand Lodge, the education of our Brothers in our Lodges and the support necessary to maintain the Landmark ritual of our craft.

Our District is fledgling as result of consolidation of Genesee-Wyoming District and Livingston District. The consolidation happened after the assignment of a District Deputy, staff officer and AGL for both Districts. The newly elected Grand Master of Masons M:.W:. Jeffrey M. Williamson decided to keep all of the District Officers and let us flow into a cohesive new District with representation from both areas.

Thus the First Appointed Leadership of Letchworth Masonic District for 2016 – 2018 is;

District Deputy Grand Master’s, R:.W:. Michael Rhodes and R:.W:. Rick Howe.

Staff officer’s R:.W:. Robert Cox and R:.W:. Robert Ball.

Assistant Grand Lecture’s R:.W:. John Wiktorowski and R:.W:. Richard Truscott.